Crazy Legs Of Legendary NY B-Boy Group Rock Steady Crew Is Not A Fan Of New Netflix Show “The Get Down” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Crazy Legs of legendary b-boy group Rock Steady Crew shared his bit of criticism recently for Netflix’s new show The Get Down.

Crazy Legs, who founded the Manhattan branch of the global dance crew in 1979, called the new Netflix Show boring and claimed the show lacked a realistic representation of Latinos’ influence on Hip-Hop culture in the city of New York.

“I know there’s a couple of people out there who are unhappy with me, because I’m speaking freely on my opinion on ‘The Get Down.’ That’s cool, you’re entitled to that. But so to am I entitled to speak about what I feel about it being boring, it having not enough Latinos playing the main roles of the kids have helped create this culture. I think continuity wise, script wise, it was lacking, it was off,” Crazy Legs stated.

The Get Down, which is set in the Bronx in the 1970s, puts its own spin on the early era of Hip-Hop culture in the city and stars actors such as Justice Smith, Shameik Moore, and Jaden Smith.

“I’m a Bronx, Puerto Rican, I grew up in Hip-Hop and I’m going to stand up for it,” the legendary B-Boy continued. “You can’t just come into our world, pay a few people and get them to be supportive, just because you did something about Hip-Hop.”

“The Get Down” premiered its first six episodes on Netflix on August 12 and have already caused controversy, as the series features a scene with Will Smith’s son Jaden engaged in a kiss with another male.

The second half of the show’s 12 episode first season is expected to become available for viewing on the video streaming site sometime in 2017.

Check out Crazy Leg’s Instagram post below and click here to learn more about the Rock Steady Crew.