KXNG Crooked Says Death Row Owes Him A Six-Figure Check

As Snoop Dogg relaunches Death Row, many artists are asking for money owed them.

Rapper Crooked I, aka Kxng Crooked, took to social media to say that Death Row, the label that pays [me], owes him six figures.

The California-based lyricist, who was once a part of SlaughterHouse, responded to a tweet rapper and now label owner, Snoop Dogg posted on Friday, Mar. 10.

Snoop announced that Death Row Records was now live on Apple Music, but was retweeted by Crooked I saying, “I see the DysFunktional Family soundtrack I’m owed six figures for hmmm.”

The rapper has a long relationship with Death Row dating back to the 90s after he left his debut label, Virgin Records.

In 1999, he inked his first deal with the pioneering West Coast label, signing while Suge Knight, the CEO of the brand was incarcerated.

He said in Baller Status in 2004, “I signed in ’99, that’s more than 4 years ago. I turned in a lot of material and for whatever reason, it didn’t come out.”

He did put out music but did not catapult his career to its greatest heights. One of the songs he put out was his single, “Still Tha Row” from the DysFunktional Family soundtrack.

After leaving Death Row, he started his own label called Dynasty Entertainment, which was distributed by Universal.

The rapper and businessman has done well for himself, but now he wants his bread.

Snoop has not publicly commented on the owed wages— but is fixing some of the mess-ups made by his predecessors.