D.M.C. Wants To Reunite Pink Floyd For Another Rock & Roll Collaboration


(AllHipHop News) RUN-D.M.C.’s Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels wants to reunite Pink Floyd to work with them on new music.

The legendary hip-hop group had a huge hit in 1986 by recording a cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” alongside bandmembers Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, and Darryl has his eye on another rock-rap collaboration.

This time the 53-year-old wants to make a record with the progressive rock legends, as he listened to Pink Floyd’s 1973 track “Us and Them” to help him through a difficult period in his life.

“I’m trying to get to Pink Floyd,” he told The Guardian newspaper. “I want to make a record with them. When I was depressed and I wanted to kill myself, I used to listen to Us and Them off (the album) The Dark Side of the Moon every day. I’ll never forget the day I heard it: I was at the Portland, Oregon, Marriott hotel, and the maid had forgotten to turn off the radio. I sat on the end of my bed going ‘What the hell is this?’ It was mesmerizing.”

To achieve his dream the hip-hop star will have to convince Pink Floyd’s surviving members Nick Mason, 73, Roger Waters, 73, and David Gilmour, 71, to reunite.

Roger left the group in 1985 and the band was formally wound up a decade later, with their only full reunion, alongside their keyboardist Richard Wright, coming at the 2005 Live 8 charity concert.

Darryl hopes however that frontman Roger Waters can be coaxed into recording with him.

“Matter of fact I wanna make ‘Us and Them’ over,” he added. “I think I’m gonna go to the studio right now and lay a beat down so when Roger sees this interview he’ll be like: “Yeah, we’d love to make Us and Them with you.”

Despite fans’ desire to see a full Pink Floyd reunion, Roger and David have continually ruled out reforming the band, with only Nick hinting that he’d like to return.