D.O.C. Reunited With 5 Platinum Plaques

Good NWA News!

N.W.A. affiliate D.O.C. received some great news when five of his platinum plaques popped up at a Texas pawn shop.

The D.O.C., who released the classic album No One Can Do It Better, was one of the writers that helped propel the Compton-based rap crew to the top of the charts.

Social media helped get the plaques back to the OG and he made several thank you’s on Twitter.

The albums, which were engraved with his name, showed up at Top Cash Pawn in Plano, TX about five years ago. It wasn’t until recently did the owner refurbish the items and put them on the wall. They were never mean to be sold, however.

According to Taylor Packwood of Top Cash, said that a fan of N.W.A. was upset that the plaques were in a pawn shop. Shortly thereafter, he received a call from The D.O.C., real name Tracy Curry.

Exactly what albums represented the million sold was not disclosed, but D.O.C. has been vital to the success of Eazy-E when he was with Ruthless Records and Dr. Dre when he established Deathrow and Aftermath.

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