D-Roc From The Ying Yang Twins Says He Is “Good” After Collapsing On Concert Stage

Ying Yang Twins

D-Roc of The Ying Yang Twins explained why he collapsed on stage during the group’s performance in Springfield, Missouri over the weekend.

One of the members of the Ying Yang Twins collapsed on stage during the group’s performance in Springfield, MO, at the Ozark Empire Fair.

According to TMZ, on Friday, July 29th, D-Roc was rapping during their 30 minutes set, as the act was opening for rapper Vanilla Ice, when he crashed. 

Security rushed to the stage to rescue him and take him to get aid. Video shows the rapper being dragged and then carried off the stage. 

Fans were concerned and took to Twitter to share the news and express their good wishes.

D-Roc took to social media also to explain what happened.

“It was 84 degrees outside, yes, but on stage it made the temperature rise,” he said in a video, referring to the stage lights. “So, I was getting dehydrated. Only thing y’all see was the fall.”

“I kept on telling my manager, I was like ‘Look … It’s very hot up here. It’s very hot up here. I kept drinking water and then the next thing I know I woke up on the golf cart and the paramedics were right there.”

“I drunk a lot of Gatorade and water. Got some sleep. The next day, I was in Florida performing. Thank everyone for y’all love though … but I’m good.

Thank goodness.