DaBaby Accused Of Knocking Out Homeowner’s Tooth With Sucker Punch And Skipping Out On Rental Bill

DaBaby and his crew are accused of opening a can of whoop-ass on a homeowner who tried to stop their video shoot.

DaBaby is accused of throwing a violent temper tantrum and beating up a homeowner over an unauthorized video shoot.

A man named Gary Prager claims the baby leaves his Runyon canyon vacation home to the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper back in December.

The 64-year-old said DaBaby quickly violated the lease, by inviting 40 people to the house to shoot a video, in violation of the lease – and covid-19 restrictions – which states that no more than 12 people can be on site.

When Prager tried to shut down the video shoot at his own property, he was pummeled to the ground by an unknown assailant. Prager says DaBaby got out of his car, chased him into the house, and then punched him in the mouth, knocking out a tooth.

To make things worse, DaBaby and his crew kicked and stomped Prager while he was on the ground, and warned him not to call the police, by tossing his phone back and forth, as he desperately tried to retrieve it.

Prager eventually got control of his phone and called the police sending DaBaby and his associates scattering.

Additionally, Prager claims DaBaby and his crew – which included YouTube influencer Jake Paul – allegedly destroyed security cameras in the house, to try to conceal the number of people that were in the house.

In addition to injuring Prager, and causing thousands of dollars in damage, DaBaby never even paid the rest of his bill for the rental house.