DaBaby Drops “Essence” Freestyle After Apologizing for Homophobic Remarks


DaBaby dropped a new freestyle earlier today flipping WizKid’s “Essence” and had some lines addressing his current controversy.

DaBaby has been a permanent news fixture since making homophobic remarks at Rolling Loud Festival. The backlash was intense and numerous music festivals scrapped him from their line-ups in the wake of his comments. DaBaby eventually posted a public apology to his social media page which he then deleted.  

DaBaby met with some of the leading Black HIV organizations after they offered to enlighten and educate him to prevent further harm last Wednesday, August, 25.

According to a statement issued after the meeting, “DaBaby was genuinely engaged, apologized for the inaccurate and hurtful comments he made about people living with HIV, and received our personal stories and the truth about HIV and its impact on Black and LGBTQ communities with deep respect.”

Earlier today, the rapper took to Instagram to post a clip of his “Whole Lotta Money” freestyle and asked his fans, “WHAT YALL WANT NEXT ? 👀“ESSENCE” or “WOCKESHA” ?? 🔥🤔Y’all call the play we gone run it.” 

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The suggestion was that DaBaby would be dropping a freestyle over either WizKid’s “Essence” or Moneybagg Yo’s “Wockesha”. Fans would decide which one he ran with… 

A decision was made and several hours later DaBaby, born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, posted a snippet of the winner and quoted a line from the track in the caption saying, “Even if I’m the brokest ni**a in the room I’m still a BIG Dawg💪🏾“ESSENCE” Freestyle”  

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He informed fans that the official video is out now on YouTube but then finished the caption, with, “ion mind demonstrating.” The implication being that DaBaby ain’t afraid to show he’s the “BIG Dawg!” 

 ‍The freestyle seems to reference the current controversy surrounding the artist with lines such as: 

“They seein’ I dropped my nuts out here (Yeah)  

They want me to pick my nuts back up (Nah)  

These ni**as scared of another alpha male, I don’t feel y’all (I don’t feel)” 

“Tell me how the fu*k it feel to follow behind a followin’-ass ni**a on a computer, ni**a  

All of y’all some sheep-ass ni**as, these ni**as gullible  

Don’t mind you, know I don’t fu*k with you if I don’t fu*k with you (Uh-huh)  

Remind me to keep it real and be myself ’cause all these other ni**as need help” 

DaBaby did not reveal when he would drop the other freestyle, “Wokesha” but he may just be getting warmed up.