DaBaby Vows To Turn Over A New Leaf And Be More Positive

DaBaby /Star Trak Photos

Rap star DaBaby is working hard to decrease the violence in his home city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more!

Controversial rapper DaBaby, who has had his share of violent public altercations, is now sharing a message of peaceful resolve and anti-gun violence to children.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the chart-topper told reporters in his hometown that children should find “more powerful ways” to express themselves and live their lives.

“If they do that, everything else will follow suit. Whether it’s sports or if you like doing music, do whatever you want to do,” the rapper said.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, DaBaby has not always followed his own advice. 

Despite being on the top of the charts, he is often in the headlines for engaging in violence, including fatally shooting a teenager in a Walmart in 2018.

Now he says he is changing. 

DaBaby says he wants to eventually assist in building an athletic facility and sports team for youth in the city to stop some of the violence by offering an alternative.

He says that he also wants all citizens to learn about gun laws and believes the country should do more to prevent school shootings.

“School, that ain’t no place for a gun at all, by nobody,” he said. “Implementing something like … a buffer, whether it’s metal detectors or what. The same way you get searched at the airport, it needs to be like that to walk into a school.”