Dame Dash Cleared On Sexual Assault Charges, Must Pay For Libel Violations

Dame Dash

Dame Dash avoided a huge lawsuit that would have cost him tens of millions. Check out the report and the response from the plaintiff.

Damon Dash has been cleared in a sexual assault case that played out in federal court Thursday as a jury ruled the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder did not sexually assault photographer Monique Bunn.

Bunn filed her suit in 2019, claiming the mogul had sexually touched her without consent as she slept at his home. Bunn charged she was hired for a photoshoot and a drunken Dame Dash came into the room while she was sleeping. She alleged he touched her breasts and buttocks in the room.

In addition to the sexual assault claims, she then added on defamation charges to the case, which the jury awarded her damages of $30,000 per a Billboard report.

She claimed victory in a statement to AllHipHop. “I am thankful to the jury for the result on my defamation claim. It has been 4 years to get to this point and I am pleased I can move forward,” said Monique Bunn. “Now the world knows that Damon Dash and Raquel Horn made false statements that I tried to rob them. The jury awarded actual and punitive damages and I am appreciative to the
jury for the award.”

Furthermore, her legal team said they intend to get her monies due.

“Yet again, the Court and the jury system has proven it will not tolerate Mr. Dash’s violations of the law. Now the collection process begins. I will get every penny due to Ms. Bunn from Damon Dash and Raquel Horn” Said Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC. “We will start by selling Damon Dash’s interest in Roc-a-Fella-Records Inc., via the United States Marshal and add Ms. Bunn’s judgment to the approximate One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) Damon Dash already owes pursuant to Webber v. Dash,
19-610 and Brown v. Dash 20-10676.”

Dame Dash did not say much about the verdict, but did say “justice prevails” in a post on Instagram and thanked his lawyer Felton Newell.

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Bunn initially filed a $50 million lawsuit Dash for allegedly committing sexual battery.

An appeal is still possible, but the party would have to request the judge to overturn the verdict and proceed in a federal appeals court.