Dame Dash Explains His Issues With DJ Vlad (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash’s mission of calling out “culture vultures” has turned toward DJ Vlad. He briefly mentioned the head of VladTV on an Instagram post that was mostly aimed at Complex founder Marc Ecko. Dame went into further detail about his issues with Vlad in a video posted on Hip Hop Motivation’s YouTube channel.

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“You remember when Vlad called me about [giving] a comment about Flex, and I was like, ‘I don’t have no comment about Flex and Jay. I’m a motherf**king man,'” said Dame. “You don’t ask me about their conversation. You trying to make me look stupid.”

Apparently, Vlad then expressed he felt Dame snubbed him on doing an interview. According to Dame, Vlad sent him a text saying the move was “bad business,” and Dame then told Vlad to “watch his mouth.”

“[Vlad] said, ‘Don’t even send me no more videos. I’m not posting them no more.’ And I said, ‘I’ll see you when I see you,'” added Dame.

HipHopMotivation’s Kenyatta then spoke about Vlad’s apparent reaction to Dame’s comment. According to Kenyatta, Vlad threatened to complain to his business partners at Complex.

“[Vlad] said, ‘I’m going to see how he likes it when I tell the people at Complex that you threatened their number one breadwinner,” said Kenyatta.

Dame suggested Vlad may have played a role in his potential deal with Ecko and Complex not materializing. He goes on to say, “That’s why I’m sick of these motherf**kers. They got to get out of here.”

For the critics that may say Dame is acting like a “Chatty Patty,” the former co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records contends that description does not fit him in this instance because he’s speaking about events he was directly involved in. However, he did address the Funkmaster Flex/Jay Z situation in another video posted in January.

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Watch Dame Dash’s interview below.