EXCLUSIVE: Damon Dash Speaks Lovingly On Ye: “He’s Sick…Y’all Listen To Him As If He Is Not. It’s Sad”

Damon Dash and Kanye West

Damon Dash also revealed he has been in touch with Ye and that his attempts to help the rapper were “draining.” Read more!

Hip-Hop icon and Roc-A-Fella Founder Damon Dash has broken his silence on his mentee and industry little brother, Kanye West, and his recent rants and positions.

an audience member asked Harlem hustler, as a big brother, does he try and guide Ye during times like these?

While at Young Entrepreneurz Solutions’ “YES National Business Plan Challenge” in St. Croix, Damon screened his new movie “Prince of Detroit.”

“Prince of Detroit” is a feel good movie about a man that becomes a multimillionaire in the medical field.

The movie was well received by the audience, largely comprised of youth entrepreneurs in the YES program.

During a Q&A session, the topic of Kanye West’s controversies came up.

Damon Dash responded, “You think Big Brother turns off? Yeah, I’m in contact with him. It’s draining.” 

“But you know, he’s bipolar,” the executive continued. “And people forget that. I don’t care how rich you are. When you have a chemical imbalance. You’re gonna say some crazy things.” 

Dressed in an old-school tropical shirt and yellow sorts, Damon rhetorically asked the crowd if anyone had someone they knew who was bipolar. 

“You don’t put him in front of a camera. You put them in the house to the hospital,” he remarked. “But what happens with him?” 

Damon explained to the small group in a movie theater some of the symptoms someone who is bipolar actually goes through, sharing they “say the most outlandish things.”

“When you’re triggered, and there’s a chemical imbalance, and also when you tired. It’s like being drunk,” Damon informed the group.

The most intimate element of the comments came when Damon Dash talked about how “painful” it is to see his friend, and one of the artists he signed to Roc-A-Fella/ Def Jam Records in the early 2000s, go through.

“But you know, I know him … I do talk to him, and I try,” Damon shared. “And it’s painful to watch. Because someone bipolar with a billion and a whole bunch of people that don’t care … It’s not a good formula.

“You know, people should be more worried about his health than worried about what he says,” Damon continued. “He already admitted that he was bipolar. He’d been in a straitjacket in front of everybody.” 

Damon Dash also reprimanded the fans who egged him on and affirmed some of the things he says during his manic moments.

“Why do you listen to somebody bipolar? Before he says things that are triggering, he premises it with ‘I’m tired.’ You know what it takes for Kanye to say he is tired. He has to g####### nearly be hallucinating. He don’t sleep. I’m a tell you,” Dame snapped.

He ended his loving but genuine remarks about his Chicago brother, saying, “So, you know we’re going through it. But you know, I’m more mad at everybody that’s just not worried about his health. The man tells you he’s sick, and then he started acting sick. Because he’s rich y’all listen to him as if he is not. It’s sad.”

As AllHipHop.com has reported, Ye has made various controversial statements. He has said slavery was a choice, spread misinformation about the death of George Floyd, wore a White Lives Matter shirt, claimed Trump is like his father, and has made multiple rants about Jewish people, including saying he is going to go “death con 3” on the community on social media.

As a result, he has been restricted by multiple social media platforms, and his net worth has dropped from $6.6 billion to $2 billion to $500,000, as brands like Adidas and Gap, which once did big business with him, have now walked away.