Damon Dash To Be Grilled For 2 Hours During Sexual Assault Trial, New Bombshell Lewd Image To Be Revealed

Damon Dash

A photographer named Monique Bunn is suing Dame Dash for allegedly groping her while she was sleeping in 2019.

Dame Dash faces an impending trial for accusations of sexual assault. Bunn is suing Dame Dash for allegedly groping her in 2019.

Bunn says she was hired to do a photoshoot for the music executive’s Poppington fashion company. After completing the first day of shooting, she went to the mogul and his partner Raquel Horn’s home. She would stay the night in his daughter’s room.

That night, Bunn claims a drunken Dame Dash entered the room while she was sleeping. He allegedly touched her breasts and butt without consent. The photographer says he was wearing a robe and no underwear during the incident.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, attorneys for photographer Monique Bunn submitted a witness list for the trial.

Bunn and Dame Dash are both listed as witnesses for the upcoming trial. Two other women will also take the stand.

One will testify about unwanted sexual harassment encounters while she worked at Poppington LLC and how Raquel Horn supported Damon Dash’s attempts to have “sexual” relations with women outside of their relationship.

Brown, a nemesis of Dame Dash, is one of Bunn’s lawyers. Brown has brought multiple lawsuits against the Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder.

Damon Dash himself will be grilled on the stand for an estimated two hours. Dame is expected to testify in regards to numerous statements he made about Brown and his allegation in December 2019 that Brown was under investigation by the FBI due to claims Brown made for his clients Monique Bunn and
Corrina Levine.

Brown will also bring out a physician named Dr. Pinsk, who will discuss the medical diagnosis of Bunn and the PTSD she suffered and how it impacted her life.

Bunn will also reveal a picture of Damon exposing himself as he sat in a car with her in New York.

During the trial, Christopher Brown will present an expert who has broken down what he feels Damon should pay for the ordeal he allegedly put Monique Bunn through:

Economic Damages: $2,550,000
Reputational Damages: $2,500,000
Emotional Distress: $1,000,000
Punitive Damages: $5,000,000
Compensatory Damages: $150,000

Sexual Assault and Emotional Distress: $7,000,000

The trial is set for September 6th, 2022.