Damson Idris Reacts To Denzel Washington Saying He Doesn’t Know Who The Actor Is

The “Snowfall” star is often compared to the Oscar winner.

Many filmgoers consider Denzel Washington one of the greatest living actors on the planet. Damson Idris is a name that is often mentioned in conversations about the rising actors of the current generation.

Unfortunately, it seems like Denzel Washington is not aware of Damson Idris’s work. During a red carpet Q&A with Two Bees TV, Washington was asked what he feels about the 30-year-old Snowfall star.

“Who are you talking about?” responded Denzel Washington to the questioner. He continued, “I don’t know who that is… What show? Snowfall? No disrespect, Damson, no disrespect.”

Damson Idris obviously got wind of the two-time Academy Award winner’s response. The London native reacted to the interview and the online commotion over Denzel Washington admitting to not knowing the Outside the Wire cast member.

“Call me Dancin Address from now on. I won’t answer to anything else 😂,” joked Damson Idris on Twitter. As of press time, that tweet amassed over 1,300 retweets, over 300 quote-tweets, and over 8,000 likes.

Damson Idris even changed his Twitter name to “Dancin Address 😉.” While Denzel Washington was not familiar with the Hollywood neophyte, Idris has earned positive reviews for his performances in shows such as Snowfall and Black Mirror.