Dave Chappelle Making Fans Take Rapid COVID-19 Tests At His Live Shows

dave chappelle

Dave Chappelle is taking NO chances with the coronavirus for his upcoming shows!

COVID-19 survivor Dave Chappelle has called on fans to take a rapid coronavirus test before taking their seats at two upcoming live shows in Connecticut.

The comedian scrapped a planned weekend of shows in Austin, Texas in January after testing positive for COVID-19, and now it seems he’s going above and beyond to make sure the deadly virus doesn’t come back.

All ticket holders for Dave’s shows at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino in June will be required to take the test, whether they have been vaccinated or not, and if positive the individual and any family member will be denied entry to the shows.

As well as testing positive for COVID-19 in January, Chappelle was forced to cancel a series of comedy shows at his farm in Ohio last year after a crew member became exposed to someone battling coronavirus.

Social distancing, face masks, hand sanitizer, temperature checks, and access to daily tests were all part of the show’s protocol.