EXCLUSIVE: Dave East Picks His Favorite Best Wu-Tang Album

Rapper says Method Man was a phone call away to help him in the role.

As “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” gears up for its final season, AllHipHop.com is in the mix talking to some of the stars that have made the series a hit. 

We caught up with Harlem rapper Dave East, who plays Method Man on the show, and he shared what it was like to work on the show, how helpful Johnny Blaze has been during this journey, and which of all the Wu-Tang albums is his favorite.

Dave East shared that acting was 100% fun and put him in a different light, allowing people to see him as more than just a rapper. He also expressed how fortunate he felt to be part of his first real breakout role.

When asked what he learned from playing Method Man in the series “An American Saga,” Dave East said he already knew him before getting the role. 

“I was already cool with him before I even got the role. So, really studying him and going on the Internet and just watching his old videos and interviews helped me learn him a lot more,” Dave East told AllHipHop.com. “And just calling him and asking him, “Yo, is this s##t true? Did this really happen?” It was a dope situation to be able to talk with him while I was playing the role.”

Dave East also shared which one of Wu-Tang Clan’s classic albums was his favorite and was asked to choose between: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (also known as “The Purple Tape”),  Ironman, or Tical

“For me? Probably the ‘Purple Tape.’ That’s just cause I kind of grew up more on that,” Dave East revealed. “My cousins was playing that in the crib every day. So, yeah, probably ‘Purple Tape.'”

Apart from acting, Dave East has been working on a few upcoming music projects. He revealed that he is working on Beloved 2 with Styles P and another album with Def Jam, the same label Method Man is signed to.