Dave East Gets Into Legalized Cannabis; Says He Has The “Best Weed Ever”

Dave East Marijuana

Dave East is the latest rap star to jump into the legalized marijuana market with his new company East Co.

Guess a little bit of Nas’ hustle is rubbing off on his protégé Dave East.

The Harlemite took to Instagram to announce his latest venture into legalized pharmaceuticals with a video simply captioned, “Stay Tuned #EASTCO.”

The video features him in a cannabis farm with the OG music manager, Steve Lobel, and the “Handsome. Handsome.” rapper’s voiceover saying:

“We started from Ground Zero right here, ya dig…we created an idea. [We] created a name. Meet up with the right partners. Created family. Watch that seed grow. Best weed ever. I’m co-signing my own s###.”


This is an exciting time for weed entrepreneurship. While cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, most states have some sort of flexibility in dealing with the plant.

There are three states with legislation that is firm on their “no public access to the plant” policies. There are sixteen states and one territory that have both adult and medical use regulated programs.