David Banner Talks Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) While Bernie Sanders managed to energize millions of people to take part in the political process, the Vermont senator will not be representing the Democrats in this fall’s presidential election.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been named the presumptive nominee of the party, and she is headed toward a match up with Republican businessman Donald Trump.

Rapper/producer David Banner is not a fan of Clinton. The Mississippi raised performer spoke about the state of American politics with Music Choice.

“The Clinton family, the Bush family, and the Reagan family – it’s the same thing all the time,” said Banner. “That’s why I wish it would have at least been Bernie, so we could have a clear-cut choice.”

The creator of the forthcoming album The God Box is not high on Trump either.

“Choosing between Trump – the reality show president, because we’re a reality TV show generation. That’s what we’re getting, somebody that don’t know sh-t about politics. He’s a failure,” added Banner. “At least I know who Trump is. As a black man in America, that’s all I want to know.”

Watch David Banner’s interview below.