David Shands Shows Us How to Get that Bag on the Social Proof Podcast

Every episode is jam-packed with the industry veteran’s knowledge on how to avoid missteps, how to create and then follow and execute a plan of action and how to market your business.

On his podcast “Social Proof”, David Shands mentors and advises his listeners on a variety of aspects of entrepreneurship. Everything from industries where there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of to how to improve an existing business. Due to his experience as both an entrepreneur and mentor, Shands can share useful tips from a unique and qualified perspective. By listening to this podcast, Shands can help listeners transition into full-time entrepreneurs in order to pursue their dreams. 

Who is David Shands

David Shands was born in Philadelphia, PA. His family would later relocate to Willingboro, NJ for most of his childhood. They then moved to Morrow, GA where he would go on to graduate from high school. 

Since 2012, he has been running his t-shirt brand Sleepis4Suckers. What started from one mall kiosk has grown into a brand that is sold across the country in just one year. Shands was even recognized by Urban Shake Magazine for his dedication to entrepreneurship. By 2017, he was so successful that he determined it was time to give back. Through his Sleepless Knights Coaching Program, Shands has helped countless entrepreneurs see where their business is struggling, how to improve, or even how to just get started.

Social Proof Podcast 

With this wealth of knowledge, expertise, and mentorship at his disposal, Shands started the Social Proof podcast. Every episode is jam-packed with the industry veteran’s knowledge on how to avoid missteps, how to create and then follow and execute a plan of action and how to market your business.  The podcast covers a wide variety of business-related tactics, from the importance of celebration to how to flip a property for profit. 

And his listeners have overwhelmingly loved the Social Proof Podcast, with the podcast getting over 600 reviews that average out to around 4.9 stars on Apple Podcast. Shands has been hailed as a thorough and effective interviewer as well as a knowledgeable podcast host who shares insightful tips and advice with his listeners. The listeners also praise Shands for being motivational, something that comes naturally to him as a motivational speaker who has held talks nationwide. 

In one of his episodes, he interviews a guest named Jame Davidson that grew an Amazon store to over $10 million in sales. The guest walks him through how he was able to sell on Amazon and the process he used to grow his sales. Part of the process was not only growing and learning as an entrepreneur, but he would also have to create and grow his team. As his team grew and they all learned from each other, they were able to capitalize on this and use it to fuel even more growth. To the point that the sales grew to $60 million in sales before the sales plateaued. Then, the next step to continue to grow was to grow their team in China, giving them access to new opportunities and manufacturing sources.

In another episode, Shands interviews Marquell Russell about how success is a system and not a secret. You can either take the time to develop your own system to make your business successful, or you could pay someone else to teach you how the system of success works. Russell says since his first breakout year, he has doubled or tripled his earnings every year. He says the biggest issue for those who want to buy into learning the system, is that they don’t believe in themselves. This prevents them from wanting to buy into a system, no matter how successful the system is.

You can find the Social Proof podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify, or and Youtube.