DDG On Halle Bailey Breakup Rumors: Nobody Cheated On Nobody

DDG Halle Bailey

Several tweets have the internet believing the relationship is over.

Have Darryl Dwayne “DDG” Granberry Jr. and Halle Bailey called it quits? Some of DDG’s recent social media activity had other internet users believing the celebrity couple split up.

DDG reportedly unfollowed Halle Bailey on Instagram and deleted pictures of them together from his page. Then, the Pontiac, Michigan native tweeted, “All these girls the same. 😭Ain’t no way.”

Those actions ignited rumors that Granberry and Bailey are no longer in a relationship. DDG threw more fuel on the speculation fire by posting even more cryptic tweets over the last twenty-four hours.

“The internet [is] so gullible 😂,” wrote DDG on Wednesday. Later that day, the YouTuber-turned-rapper added, “When you stop giving a f### can’t nothing hurt you.”

DDG returned to Twitter to post, “Nobody cheated on nobody [by the way]. Don’t take my tweets too [seriously].” After a tweeter suggested he was just fishing for retweets, the Epic recording artist leaned into the criticism.

“My life goal is to hit 2 million followers on Twitter 🙏🏽,” tweeted DDG in response. Another person claimed the amateur boxer was trolling to distract himself from a broken heart. Granberry replied, “Chill bro 💔.”

The “Moonwalking in Calabasas” performer ended the evening by tweeting, “N##### take life too [seriously]. We all gon die at some point anyway, let’s try to have fun while we here.”

Meanwhile, in the midst of the breakup gossip, DDG promoted the official music video for his “Delilah’s” single. Singer/actress Halle Bailey has the live-action The Little Mermaid film set to come out in May.