Democrats Accuse Kanye West’s Team Of Voting Signature Scam

The Democrats are challenging Kanye West’s attempt to get on the ballot in Wisconsin.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West is facing an uphill battle in Wisconsin in his bid to become President of the United States.

Democrats in the state are challenging the validity of thousands of signatures Kanye’s team submitted in his attempt to get on the ballot with President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The Democratic Party in Wisconsin lodged a complaint claiming West’s paperwork contained fake signatures like “Bernie Sanders” and “Mickey Mouse.”

Kanye’s team may have also committed a few felony crimes by tricking people into giving up their signatures by using a register-to-vote scam to get signatures that the rapper’s team supposedly used to get him on the ballot.

The rap star submitted over 2,400 signatures, but the Democrats are also challenging the legitimacy of those as well.

Six individuals claim they had no clue their names would be used to support Kanye’s bid for President.

One woman claimed she was hoodwinked outside of a Walmart, where a circulator asked her to sign her name to confirm she was registered to vote.

‘If I had known that, I wouldn’t have signed the papers, absolutely not. Kanye West would not get my vote and I think it is a joke that he is running for president,’ the woman said in an affidavit.

Another woman claimed she signed a document out of sympathy because the man was being paid $1 for every signature he collected.

“If he hadn’t told me he was getting paid per signature, I would never have signed this nomination paper,” a woman named Wanda Thompson told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Democrats are terrified Kanye West’s presence on the ballot will move crucial votes away from Joe Biden and give President Trump an easy win in a pivotal state.