Desiigner Names His Musical Influences & Favorite Rapper


(AllHipHop News) So far, Desiigner is the breakout newcomer of 2016. The Brooklyn rhymer was featured on Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo album, and last month his smash record “Panda” helped the then 18-year-old (he’s now 19) become the youngest male to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 2007.

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WWD caught up with Desiigner for an interview. The discussion included the G.O.O.D. Music representative sharing his musical influences and his favorite rapper.

The article reads in part:

Asked where his musical influence comes from, he says,” [I was influenced by] all types of funk. My daddy and momma are old school. My sister listened to reggae and my homies listened to trap music.” Asked who his favorite rapper is, he states, “I’m my own favorite artist, but I love everybody’s music.” Asked if he has a favorite “Panda” remix — rappers including Fabolous, Lupe Fiasco and Meek Mill have created their own versions of the song — he replies, “I can’t pick out one. I can’t even speak on that one.”

While “Panda” has charted in the Top 20 in over 10 countries, some observers wonder if Desiigner will be able to create another hit. The artist once known as Designer Royel has another track titled “Zombie Walk” which comes with a possible meme-ready dance attached to it.

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Watch Desiigner perform “Zombie Walk” below.