Diddy Calls Out Trump In Plea To Help Healthcare Workers

Diddy gets personal in a new video hoping to shed light on healthcare workers fighting through the coronavirus.

(AllHipHop News) Diddy is searching for ideas to help healthcare workers during the pandemic because he doesn’t expect any solutions from President Trump.

In a three minute video, Diddy emphasized the importance of protecting healthcare workers during this tough time.

“We all can help. We can’t just sit back and leave our healthcare workers abandoned and unprotected,” the mogul captioned a video he posted on his socials. “Over the next few days I’ll be locked in and focused on finding ways to directly support our healthcare workers but I don’t have all the answers.”

He went on stating his hope for getting other people involved to help, “there’s no way you can have power and not wanna do something with it.”

Aside from the well-being and safety of healthcare workers, Diddy also expressed how people need to come together to find the cure for the virus and getting the economy back on track.

“We also can’t like expect, somebody that don’t give a f##k about us to save us,” he said referring to Trump. “It’s not Trump’s fault, he don’t give a f##k about us.”

Diddy concluded the video stating “we gonna crack the code of this bulls##t, we gonna crack the code of love.”

He followed up with a next tweet asking fans and friends to reach out to him with ideas on how to help. 

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