Diddy Facing New Legal Action By Songwriter Driven To Suicidal Thoughts


Hip-Hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is about to be sued by another who claims he ruined her career! Read more about her claims!

Veteran songwriter Tiffany Red is reportedly preparing to file a lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs, which will add to a series of legal problems the mogul is fighting.

Red openly discussed her plans to sue Sean “Diddy” Combs during IG Live, where she was visibly distressed and outlined the reasons behind her decision.

Tiffany Red, known within the industry for her songwriting talents and close association with Cassie, has decided to confront the issues head-on by taking legal steps against Combs.

The lawsuit centers around accusations that paint a troubling picture of the environment surrounding Combs, characterized by alleged manipulation and coercion.

“I am suing Sean Combs, I’m suing Interscope Records, I’m suing Bad Boy Entertainment, I’m suing Epic Records, and I don’t know who else… for tortious interference, for all of the work that I have done that has been [expletive] because of all of this [expletive]. My work was [expletive]; it was derailed. I spent years working with Cassie… the music is incredible, it’s all [expletive] now, it’s got all this nastiness all over it,” she said.

Red revealed she has quit songwriting and has since thought about suicide over the entire ordeal.

“This [expletive] has made me want to kill myself. I’m fighting suicidal ideations as we speak because this is no way to live. This is no way to live. I just wanted to do records; I just wanted to write songs. I did not sign up for this [expletive],” she said.

Tiffany Red already has at least one supporter – Diddy’s former bodyguard, Gene Deal.

During an interview with The Art of Dialogue, Gene Deal expressed profound concern for Red’s emotional state amidst the legal battle. He detailed Red’s visible distress and fear over the potential repercussions of standing up against Combs.

“The hurt that I seen in her voice, in her… she crying, man, and she worrying about what this dude could do to her and what he has done to her,” Deal stated, underscoring the personal toll the situation has taken on Red.

Deal offered a message of support to Red, emphasizing the importance of facing such challenges with courage and not fearing retaliation. Deal, who has been calling out Diddy and his alleged odd sexual encounters – amongst other things – for years, shared his readiness to stand by Red.

Tiffany Red also touched on her emotional state in a follow-up post on her Instagram account, where she denied she would take her own life despite having what she labeled “suicidal ideations.”


“For clarity, for those who are concerned after watching my IG Live, my having suicidal ideations does not mean I want to take my life. I very much want to live my life to the FULLEST!” Tiffany Red said.

She continued:

“I work my ass off in therapy every Monday and have loads of love around me. I am good, I promise. I fight for the freedom to express myself fully; it was anger and tears today. I understand that the emotions I was feeling today are not permanent. I am not my feelings. I experience them and find a lot of healing in expressing them and not holding them in. I love my life. I hate how the music industry has impacted it, and I’m fighting for my justice. Love yall.”

Diddy has been sued by his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura and three other women with claims of sexual assault and physical abuse.

Ventura’s lawsuit, which accused Diddy of rape and physical assault, was settled out of court less than 24 hours after being filed.

Following Ventura’s lawsuit, three other women and one man named Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones came forward with similar claims of sexual assault.

The allegations have had significant repercussions on Diddy’s professional relationships and ventures.

He stepped down as chairman of his company, REVOLT, and his involvement with the Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School ended. Additionally, there have been cancellations of events promoting his brands and distancing from companies and professionals.

In response to the mounting lawsuits, Diddy has hired legal representation to address the sexual assault lawsuits filed against him. He maintains his innocence and has publicly stated his intention to fight against the allegations, emphasizing that the claims made against him are untrue.