Diddy Lawsuit Takes New Twist: Lil Rod Accuses Cuba Gooding Jr. Of Sexual Assault

Cuba Gooding Jr

Cuba Gooding Jr. is now one of the defendants in producer Lil Rod’s lawsuit against Diddy, who is under federal investigation.

Producer Lil Rod filed an amended complaint in his bombshell lawsuit against Diddy on Monday (March 25). According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Lil Rod added actor Cuba Gooding Jr. to the list of defendants.

Lil Rod, whose real name is Rodney Jones, accused Gooding of sexual assault and harassment. The producer claimed he was sexually assaulted by Gooding on a yacht rented by Diddy in the U.S. Virgin Islands in January 2023. Lil Rod believed he was groomed by Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, to be passed off to friends such as Gooding.

“This fear became a reality when Mr. Combs introduced Mr. Jones to Cuba Gooding Jr. while they were on Mr. Combs’ yacht,” Lil Rod’s lawyer Tyrone Blackburn wrote. “According to Mr. Jones, during the introduction, Mr. Combs suggested that Cuba ‘get to know’ Mr. Jones better. He then left them alone in a makeshift studio on the yacht. As evidenced by a video, of which screenshots are embedded below, Cuba Gooding Jr. began touching, groping, and fondling Mr. Jones’ legs, his upper inner thighs near his groin, the small of his back near his buttocks and his shoulders.”

Blackburn continued, “According to Mr. Jones, he was extremely uncomfortable and proceeded to lean away from Mr. Gooding Jr. He rejected his advances and Mr. Gooding Jr. did not stop until Mr. Jones forcibly pushed him away.”

Lil Rod blamed Diddy for failing to protect the producer from Gooding, who has a history of sexual abuse allegations. Lil Rod also accused Diddy of encouraging Gooding to continue the alleged sexual assault.

“As a result of Mr. Combs’ breach of his duty, Mr. Jones has suffered and continues to suffer harm, including severe emotional distress, anxiety and other consequential damages, for which he is entitled to an award of monetary damages and other relief,” Blackburn wrote. “Mr. Combs’ conduct described above was willful, wanton and malicious.”

Lil Rod amended his complaint on the same day Homeland Security raided Diddy’s homes as part of a federal investigation. The feds started looking into allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking after Lil Rod and multiple women sued Diddy.