Diddy Talks Bringing Back The ‘Making The Band’ Reality Show

Do you remember when Da Band had to walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn to get Puffy some cheesecake?

(AllHipHop News) With the success of Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow, there appears to be an interest in Hip Hop-based competition shows again. Gen Xers and Millennials will soon get to experience reality show nostalgia on their TV screens. 

Bad Boy Records architect Sean “Diddy” Combs joined DJ Khaled on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The RS interview included Combs being asked about what he looks for when signing new acts.


“To be honest, I’ve been in semiretirement. If you don’t see my name on all the Top 10 records, that means I’m not making music,” Diddy replied. “I’m bringing Making the Band back in 2020. I’m contemplating, ‘Is there a role for me in music now?’ I just know that for me, I would only be able to sign legends.”

The Four: Battle for Stardom judge continued, “To be honest, my decisions will be made through God. I’m at another frequency and level of music. It would have to be something that God fully put in my heart, like when I heard Biggie or I heard Mary [J. Blige].”

Diddy’s version of Making The Band ran on MTV from 2002 – 2009. The show produced the rap group Da Band, girl group Danity Kane, boy band Day26, and R&B/Pop singer Donnie Klang.