Digga D, Unknown T Remix U.K. Rap Classic On New Single “Adolescence” 

Unknown T Digga D

Unknown T and Digga D shared their take on Giggs’ underground rap classic “Pain Is The Essence” on their new single “Adolescence.” 

Two U.K. Drill stars who once shared a cell behind bars have joined forces with a fresh twist on a classic track from South London legend Giggs on their new single, “Adolescence.”  

The London-based duo, who became friends while serving time, have delivered their spin on the 2007 underground classic, “Pain Is The Essence” by Giggs and Dubz. The track became an anthem in the U.K., with numerous rappers citing the song or making their own covers.  

Unknown T and Digga D pay homage to the song, which features an introduction from Giggs. “We’re taking it from the older generation to the newer generation,” Hollowman declared, opening the track. Watch the video below.  

Unknown T, Digga D – Adolescence

Earlier this week, Digga D reflected on his rise in the industry after making U.K. rap history with his headline set at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall, the youngest rapper to ever do so.  

“I’ve spent most my teenage years in jail or on tag,” the 23-year-old shared on his Instagram Story. “I used to do 24hr shifts and sleep in blocks.” 

Jail is where the duo first met back in 2019. Digga D was serving a 15-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit violent disorder, and Unknown T was on remand for murder but was acquitted and released the following year.  

Although they were already rising stars of the U.K. drill scene, they ended up sharing a cell at Belmarsh Prison. “It all started from me rapping from my window to his window,” Unknown T said of his friendship with Digga D in a 2020 interview with Vice.  

They soon began “rapping back to back at lunchtime,” and doing sessions with prisoners before sharing a cell.  

“We started growing a closer relationship, on a brother ting,” he said, adding that they began making music. ” We made a lot of tunes still, but obviously that’s all due to come.”