Director Explains Why Kanye West Wanted Kim To Give Birth To Kylie In Video

Rap star Kanye West once produced a video for a cool million, to show Kim Kardashian giving birth to Kylie Jenner!

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West surely thinks out of the box.

The rap star once made a video of his wife, Kim Kardashian, giving birth to her sister, Kylie Jenner.

Either he is brilliant or what he calls, “Yazy,” but whatever it lends to why Kanye West is now a billionaire.

Matshona Dhliwayo, an author and entrepreneur, believes that the only way that someone can rise to those upper echelons that gets you those big bags is to think out of the box

He says, “Thinking outside of the box allows you to get rewards outside of your reach.”

So when we see some of his unorthodox campaigns, business dealings, real estate, and architectural renderings and yes, his art — we should not be surprised — why?

Because Yeezy is a genius.

Consider this video for his 2016 song, “Feel Me,” that was leaked by the director Eli Russell Linnetz … dare say that it ain’t proof that he is beyond normality.

Linnetz posted it to his Instagram, “I directed this three years ago. No one’s ever seen it before.”

It has not been seen because after converting to Christianity and dedicating his life to his Lord, West “shelved” any projects that did not reflect his new beliefs.

The video is avantgarde.

It took over five months to make, and cost almost $1 million to produce.

“It features Kylie coming out of Kim’s v#####,” Linnetz clarified to E! News of what’s happening in the video’s conclusion.

“The metaphorical meaning being that there would be no Kylie without Kim,” Linnetz said.

During this time, Kanye did other experimental videos with Linnetz “Famous” and “Fade.” While Linnetz directed it, Kanye remains always at the creative helm of his work.