DJ Akademiks Says Complex Edited Footage Of Confrontational Migos Interview


(AllHipHop News) One of the most talked about moments from Sunday night’s BET Awards didn’t even take place during the ceremony.

The Everyday Struggle show interviewed numerous celebrities on the event’s red carpet, but it was footage of a tense sit down with Migos that quickly spread across the internet.

Hosts Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks caught backlash from some social media users for how the Q&A ended.

Akademiks used his Twitter account to address the controversy.

According to the YouTube star, Complex News edited out a pre-interview section that could have provided context to why things got so heated with Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset.

DJ Akademiks wrote:

I’m finally watching the episode.. theres hella sh-t missing. Joe tries to dap them up… they stare at him. Wasn’t wit it. [Quality Control Music] President intervenes on the interview.. and has words. the context missing robs yall of understand why its so tense/awkward. This is all before the stand up incident that is viral. It all adds why I’m the only one speaking to them. Clear it was an issue from get go. By the time they stand up.. sh-t already so tense before & during (someone intervened 2 have words).. a simple mic drop made them standup. Only reason I’m clearing this up.. is that this narrative bout me ‘d-ck riding too much’ or tryna play em.. is 100 % wrong. Cut it out.

The issues between Quality Control, Migos, and Budden likely stems from Budden’s constant criticism of fellow QC act Lil Yachty.

Budden and Yachty also had their own uncomfortable confrontation on a previous episode of Everyday Struggle.

The released version of the Migos red carpet interview included DJ Akademiks questioning Takeoff about not appearing on the group’s#### single “Bad and Boujee.”

Takeoff responded by repeating he was not left off the record as Ak continued asking the rapper to repeat himself.

Akademiks later claimed he was not able to hear Takeoff because of the background noise on the red carpet.

“Alright, we gotta rap this up though,” interjected Budden as the Takeoff/Akademiks exchange became more awkward.

Akademiks then tried to close the interview by offering a compliment to Migos.

He stated, “I wish I could talk to Migos longer. This is one of my favorite groups.”

Budden then dropped his microphone and walked off the set.

That was followed by all three members of Migos standing up, other people entering into the frame, and the situation getting close to turning violent.

“What you tryna do?” Quavo can be heard asking Budden.

The Rage & The Machine album creator later spoke about the incident at the end of Everyday Struggle‘s BET Awards red carpet coverage.

“There’s no tension in the air. It’s a bunch of phony waffling and posturing for cameras and carpets. There’s no tension anywhere,” added Budden. “I don’t want to talk to anybody that don’t want to sit here. I don’t give a f-ck about your stardom or your notoriety. If you ain’t got much to say, then what the f-ck are you in our seats for? Bye.”