DJ Mustard Denies He Is Financially Starving His Ex-Wife; Wants Joint Custody Of His Kids

DJ Mustard

A divorce is getting ugly for one of Hip-Hop’s biggest producers.

Another celebrity couple is back in the news; this time, it is DJ Mustard and his ex-wife Chanel Thierry. Thierry is alleging her former producer husband owes her money and is not fulfilling his financial duties to her and their three children, according to court filings seen by Radar Online.

The chart-topper has countered.

His lawyers filed documents asking for joint legal and physical custody of the youngest (under the age of 18) children. This means he and Thierry would have equal rights regarding making important educational and medical decisions.

According to sources, he is already paying a whopping $18,342 a month in child support.

That is not enough for Thierry. She is asking for more than $80,000 a month to care for their children. She believes he is purposely not paying her so that she can be distressed since their divorce filing in May 2022.

Mustard scoffs at that, saying, “Chanel’s claim that I have starved her out financially since separation is a flat-out lie.”

“From the time Chanel and I separated in May 2022, I continued to uphold my obligation to support her and the children. I continued to pay all of Chanel’s living expenses, including all of her credit card bills. I also continued paying Chanel’s housing costs and the children’s expenses including private school tuition,” he said.

“Finally, I have also paid 100 percent of our agreed-upon spousal support buy-out of $315,000 in accordance with the terms of the Premarital Agreement,” he continued, adding he pays more than $2,000 a month for his ex’s Lamborghini SUV.

She claims that comment about him “starving her” has been taken out of context by something she said on social media.

In her counter, she said, “I cannot control what the media outlets pull from my social media page and what they infer from my writings.”

As a result, Thierry said that she and Mustard started mediation in January 2023 but allegedly found it “extremely difficult” to get him to agree to anything “that would benefit the children and not himself.”

They are looking for the courts to help them figure something out for the kids’ sake.