EXCLUSIVE: DJ Paul Settlement With Travis Scott Temporarily Delayed For Good Reason

DJ Paul is making sure everyone who deserves credit for helping to write Travis Scott’s song “No Bystanders” gets paid.

(AllHipHop News) DJ Paul’s settlement with Travis Scott has encountered a minor delay and thankfully it is over a noble reason.

DJ Paul sued Travis Scott for incorporating the hook of Three 6 Mafia’s classic song “Tear Da Club Up” into his song “No Bystanders.”

In October, DJ Paul confirmed that he and Travis Scott worked together to resolve the $20 million lawsuit.

The financial terms of the deal or not disclosed, but it was confirmed that all four members of Three 6 Mafia would be listed as writers on “No Bystanders.”

“Tear Da Club Up” was written by Juicy J., Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca and DJ Paul, who brought the lawsuit against Travis Scott.

According to legal documents obtained by AllHipHop.com, DJ Paul’s attorney Edwin F. McPherson is asking for a little more time to finalize the deal.

The rapper wants a few more weeks to track down two songwriters who deserve their writing credits.

“Both sides are completely in agreement on the terms of the settlement. However, there are many co-writers on the song/track that is the subject of this action, and it is necessary to get a letter of direction from each such co-writer in order to direct certain entities to pay Plaintiff and his writing partner directly,” DJ Paul’s attorney Edwin F. McPherson said.

“Although we have received signed letters of direction from five co-writers, I recently learned that we are awaiting signatures on two final letters of direction, and have been assured by representatives of those co-writers that the signed documents are forthcoming,” McPherson explained.

Over the course of time, DJ Paul’s thoughtful decision could equate to millions of dollars for each writer, since “No Bystanders” is one of the standout tracks on his hit album Astroworld.

DJ Paul’s lawyer is asking the judge to give him another 30 days to get the needed signatures to make sure each writer gets their fair share before the settlement is finalized.