Slain Comedian Dmuney’s Sister Denies Young Dolph Diss

Young Dolph

The sister of slain comedian Dmuney is speaking out in the week of his shooting death, which many think is connected to the murder of Young Dolph!

The sister of a Memphis, Tennessee comedian who was killed after a week after the murder of Young Dolph denied her brother was mocking the late rapper’s death.

Dmuney, born Derrion Childs, was shot and killed on November 23rd, shortly after he made what many felt was a disparaging comment about Young Dolph’s demise.

Young Dolph was shot and killed on November 17th, inside a local bakery shop called Makeda’s Homemade Cookies.

Two gunmen approached the rapper and opened fire, killing him instantly. The pair fled in a stolen Mercedes-Benz.

Shortly after Young Dolph’s assassination, Dmuney posted:

“MANEEEE THEM FOLKS JUST KILLED YOUNG DOLPH I LOVE MEMPHIS CUH WE SO GANGSTA,” Dmuney posted, along with several laughing emojis.

Tragically, Dmuney, 21, was gunned down at a Valero gas station in the Frayser section of Memphis around 10:30 PM last Tuesday.

His sister has denied the shocking comments were made to make fun of Young Dolph’s death.

“He was like, I’m not joking about Dolph’s death. He said, ‘I’m just saying that Memphis is basically the next Chicago because anybody can get killed in Memphis,'” his sister Shameccia Mason said.

According to Mason, Dmuney was simply trying to comment about the violence plaguing the city of Memphis.

“He was like it’s crazy how Young Dolph actually went to a cookie place in his own neighborhood and got killed in his own neighborhood. He was like, that’s what he meant. He wasn’t making a joke about death.”

So far, no one has been arrested for the murder of Young Dolph, and Dmuney’s killers remain with the loose as well.

The police are investigating to see if the shootings are connected.