Doe B Affiliate Perry Boi Goes After T.I. On “Only God Knows” Freestyle

What’s Beef? This is not Tofu!

T.I. has a new adversary in Perry Boi, one of Doe B’s closest friends who was present when the Alabama rapper was slain.

Perry Boi takes his issues up with Tip in a scathing new freestyle “Only God Knows.”

The song starts off with T.I.’s words saying “I told my n#### Doe B I’ma get him a meal / He died in December and we gettin’ this deal.” Afterwards, Perry says, “This is not a diss record, but I’m promise I’ma make you n***as respect me. You lyin’ these folks in front of the pulpit / talkin’ about a Doe album, but we ain’t seen s###.”

Perry then continues to criticize T.I. for perceived untruths and being and “industry n***a,” among other disses. “You ain’t Hip-Hop / You just a glorified rap n***a,” Perry spits.

The beef sprawled into social media last week when T.I. responded to a diss Perry Boi posted on his account. Among other matters, Perry Boi alleged that Tip still owed Doe B’s estate money. Tip denied the allegation and also stated that the community in Montgomery, Alabama let Doe B get killed. Doe and a young woman were killed at an Alabama club in December of 2013.

T.I. released an EP, “In Da Nic,” in the midst of all the drama.

Check out the song below and comment on what you think about this.