Doja Cat Blasts Elon Musk After Getting Stuck With Twitter Name ‘Christmas’ 

Doja Cat Elon Musk

Doja Cat pleaded with Elon Musk to allow her to change her Twitter handle: “I don’t wanna be Christmas forever.”

Doja Cat is the latest celeb to become frustrated with Twitter and its new owner Elon Musk. 

The tech billionaire recently announced some new changes, introducing the controversial $8 Twitter Blue subscription. Doja Cat recently updated her screen name, switching it to Christmas, and now, it appears she is unable to reverse the change. 

“Why can’t i change my name on here,” the rapper/singer tweeted in the early hours of Thursday morning (Nov. 10). “How do i change it,” she questioned before adding, “also f### you elon.”  

Doja Cat then took to a voice recording to slam the new subscription option. She initially shared a six-second recording of her sighing expanding upon her issue. 

“You guys are paying $8 a month to come on here and go to war with people who are not in agreement with who your favorite pop star is,” Doja Cat added. “You’re paying $8 a month to come on here and say [stuff] like ‘byeee.’” 

She went on to add, users are “coming on here for $8 a month to post p### and then get into an argument. I think I can stop there. Ok, cool. Bye,” Doja Cat said.

Doja Cat then tagged the new Twitter owner, pleading with him to correct her mistake. i don’t wanna be christmas forever,” she wrote. “Please help i’ve made a mistake.”

While Elon Musk couldn’t make the change personally, he told Doja Cat he’s “Working on it!” 

However, he couldn’t help but find humor in the situation. “Pretty funny though 🤣🤣,” he added,” before Doja replied, “Thanks Elon.”