Doja Cat On Some Creep’s Kill List – Until Cops Step In

Doja Cat

A crazed fan embarrassed by award winning-singer Doja Cat in a private group chat threatened her life, and now he’s looking at charges.

A crazed fan, who was embarrassed by Grammy Award winner Doja Cat in a private group chat, has reportedly threatened her life. However, law enforcement was quick to jump in, after being notified of the individual’s remarks.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has already identified a guy, who earlier in the week was talking slick in a fan-centered private chat hosted by the “Say So” recording artist. When his language started to get out of hand, Doja Cat ejected him from the room. He returned later and said he was going to kill the Doja and would see her soon.

Sources state this prompted the celebrity to call the police on (Thursday) December 29 to file a complaint. Law enforcement is now investigating it as a criminal threat.

This is not the only time Doja Cat was connected to controversy while in a chat room. In May 2020, the artist was allegedly in a chat room with white supremacists using racially derogatory language. that she apologized and denied intentionally engaging with racists in a now deleted Instagram post.

She said, “I learned that there are racist people who come in and out of the chat. They happen, then they’re banned. The idea that this chat room is a white supremacist chat room  – I don’t understand it in any way. There is racism that happens across Tinychat, Instagram, and Twitter. This sh*t happens everywhere. It just happens more on Tinychat because it’s not as monitored.”

“So when you see racist sh*t on Tinychat, it’s because people aren’t paying attention. There are mods that are idle. There was a time where I was a mod and I was able to ban people for actions like that or harassing women. This happens a lot on Tinychat. But Tinychat is a place for everybody,” She continued.

Doja Cat added, “I’ve seen it and I know I’ve been targeted by it, and I know that it’s controllable. But the narrative that it’s a white supremacist chat is completely incorrect. It’s absolutely, 100% f*cking incorrect.”