Dojo Cats Remains Defiant Over Racism Allegations

Rap star Doja Cat is refusing to let anyone cancel her after some old racist videos went viral.

(AllHipHop News) Doja Cat has insisted she’s “here to stay” following allegations she made racist remarks in the past.

The “Say So” hitmaker was previously the victim of a social media campaign to have her “canceled”, with the hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty trending on Twitter.

While she denied ever making the remarks and insisted she’s “sorry to everyone that I offended”, after footage of a Tinychat video, which appeared to show her featuring in an alt-right group, emerged online last month, fans once again brought up the controversy during an Instagram Live chat this week.

As viewers began writing “we ain’t forget,” alluding to allegations of racist comments she’d previously made, in the comments section, she fired: “B**ch, all the people saying ‘we ain’t forget.’ B##ch, good. Don’t forget.

“‘Cause that’s my plan, is for you not to forget motherf##ker. I’m here to stay. I’ll make sure you remember,” she said to the camera during her stream, before going back to dancing to music.

The star has since made it clear her career is her main priority, and this week released the new single Unisex Freestyle on Soundcloud, and also shared a preview of the music video for her official new single, Like That, which is out Friday.