Donald Glover Speaks On Issues With Kid Cudi

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The Atlanta-bred entertainer also discusses upcoming music projects.

As the so-called “Rap Civil War of 2024” plays out online, Donald Glover clarifies he doesn’t want friction with one of his potential adversaries.

Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, addressed fellow rapper/actor Kid Cudi during a Gilga Radio interview on Monday (April 15). Previously, Cudi expressed no interest in working with the Atlanta creator.

“Kid Cudi, if you got a problem, I’m not here for the beef. Just talk to me,” Glover stated. “It’s like we don’t have to agree on everything but we also don’t have to be like, ‘When I see you, we have to wanna kill each other.’ Life is too short.”

In February, Kid Cudi shut down the possibility of working with Donald Glover on television, movie or music endeavors. In response to a question on Twitter (X) about that potential partnership, Cudi replied, “I’m cool.”

During his conversation with Gilga Radio, Glover also confirmed two upcoming Childish Gambino projects. A soundtrack for the Bando Stone and the New World film will be the final Gambino album.

Plus, Donald Glover will release an updated version of his 2020 album 3.15.20. He plans to rename that studio LP as Atavista. A music video for “35.31”—now titled “Little Foot Big Foot”—is on the way as well.