Donald Trump Addresses Kanye West Announcing He’s Running For President (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Presidential candidate Donald Trump has not officially locked down the Republican nomination for 2016, but the billionaire is already commenting on a potential face-off for the White House in 2020. Trump spoke with Rolling Stone about rap superstar Kanye West’s announcement he is running for president in four years.

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“I was actually watching, I saw him, and I said, ‘That’s very interesting. I wonder who gave him that idea?'” stated Trump. “He’s actually a different kind of a person than people think. He’s a nice guy. I hope to run against him someday.”

The Barack Obama administration also commented on West claiming he is planning to sit in the Oval Office in the future. The President’s press secretary Josh Earnest said he looks “forward to seeing what slogan [West] chooses to embroider on his campaign hat.”

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Watch Donald Trump’s interview below.

 PHOTO: Instagram