Dozens Of Homophobic Tweets From ‘Joe Budden Podcast’ Co-Host Mal Resurface Online

Six years ago, the then-32-year-old New York City native had a lot to say about “f*ggots.”

(AllHipHop News) Once again old problematic tweets have potentially put a public figure in a troubling situation. This time, 38-year-old Jamil “Mal” Clay of The Joe Budden Podcast is the person on the hot seat.

Yesterday, over 25 old tweets from Mal’s Twitter account began circulating online. Those 2012-2013 posts from the podcaster contained the gay slur “f*ggot.”

“I can’t fight this fight alone. These F*ggots are relentless and want to be acknowledged. I need my real brothers to stand and fight,” read one of Mal’s tweets from October 3, 2012.

Another tweet, posted six days later, stated, “If a chick gets naked in front of you only to put clothes on and asks you ‘How does this look?’ and you don’t f*ck, You’re a F*GGOT!”

A tweet from November 2012 appeared to be about Top Dawg Entertainment rapper Kendrick Lamar. Mal wrote, “Kendrick a F*ggot and a real n*gga at the same time. He said he was jealous of other n*ggaz but that’s real for him to admit that. Salute.”

One tweet from 2013 seemed to encourage violence against homosexuals. The brother of Roc-A-Fella Record co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke tweeted, “Both of them f*ggot n*ggaz need to be stabbed in their groin and bleed to death.”

Another tweet from that same year implied sexual assault against women. Mal tweeted, “She says ‘No! Stop!’ one time and you pull your pants back up?? You’re a F*ggot.”

Mal has not publicly addressed the re-surfaced homophobic tweets. He may speak about the controversy on the upcoming “Episode 286” of The Joe Budden Podcast which is scheduled to premiere October 5 on Spotify.