Dr. Cornel West Ready To Lead America With Presidential Run

Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West has officially announced he is running for president in a bid to take the White House in 2024! Read more!

Renowned scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West announced his presidential run as a candidate for the People’s Party on Monday (June 5), pledging to reintroduce America to the best of itself. 

In a video announcement shared on Twitter, West emphasized his commitment to truth and justice, stating that his presidential run is a vehicle to pursue these ideals.

“I am running for truth and justice as a presidential candidate for the People’s Party to reintroduce America to the best of itself – fighting to end poverty, mass incarceration, ending wars and ecological collapse, guaranteeing housing, health care, education, and living wages for all!” Dr. West said. 

Dr. Cornel West is recognized for his academic activism, having served as a professor of the practice of public philosophy at Harvard University and as a professor emeritus at Princeton University.

Now, he seeks to translate his academic philosophies into political action, focusing on issues such as poverty, mass incarceration, ecological collapse, and wars, with a vision of guaranteeing housing, healthcare, education, and living wages for all Americans.

Being the second Black candidate to enter the race for the presidency in 2024, following Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who launched his campaign last month, West’s announcement adds to the diversity of the candidate pool.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Cornel West has been a prominent voice in academia, social justice, and public discourse. He has written and co-written numerous books, with “Race Matters” and “Democracy Matters” being two of his most well-known works. 

His scholarship and activism have been centered around race, class, and justice in America, and his eloquent and passionate discourse has made him a popular public speaker. West aims to bring these conversations to the forefront of American politics with his presidential run.

For those interested in supporting or learning more about West’s presidential campaign, he has invited individuals to join the movement at his campaign website.

Further details about West’s campaign and his policy proposals are expected to be released in the coming weeks. Of course the reactions on Twitter were mixed with everything from joy, to concerns Dr. West could split the vote and hand the White House to Donald Trump on a silver platter.