Drake Attempting To Duck XXXTENTACION Murder Trial Deposition


According to reports, Drake’s attorney Bradford Cohen filed a motion asking the judge to toss the subpoena.

Drake is attempting to get out of being deposed in the ongoing XXXTENTACION murder trial. According to a YouTube video posted by Law & Crime, Drake’s attorney Bradford Cohen filed a motion asking the judge to toss the subpoena, pointing out a “lack of foundation.”

Defense attorney Mauricio Padilla, who represents suspect Dedrick Williams, sent Drake a Zoom link for the deposition without sealing it. Days later, Padilla filed a notice with the court but failed to include details on how the Zoom interview would be conducted. Subsequently, Cohen claims the subpoena was “procedurally defective.”

Drake also claims his name never appeared in the investigative files. Therefore, he believes it’s clear he doesn’t have any relevant knowledge about the case. He says the deposition request is an attempt to “add more layers of celebrity and notoriety to a tragic and unfortunate event.”

A judge originally ruled Drake wouldn’t have to sit for a deposition, but Padilla convinced him to reconsider. Drake was scheduled to be deposed on January 27 but failed to appear. Last week, the judge decided he must sit for the deposition on February 24 via Zoom. If he ends up skipping that date, he’ll have to appear in court on February 27 or face contempt charges.

XXXTENTACION and Drake started beefing over the former’s claim Drake bit his style. Four months before his June 2018 murder, X posted an Instagram Story that read: “IF ANYONE TRIES TO KILL ME IT WAS @champagnepapi.” X ultimately deleted the post and claimed he was hacked.

Even so, Padilla is making the connection known to the court and wants Drake to answer a few questions. The judge has yet to make the final ruling.