Drake Denies He Ruined A Medical Students Career

Drake marched into court to deny he had any responsibility for a woman’s injury at one of his concerts.

(AllHipHop News) Drake is denying he had anything to do with a woman who received brain damage at one of his concerts.

Drake filed paperwork in court, seeking to be dismissed from a lawsuit filed by Amanda Giovacco.

Giovacco claims she was “violently struck” by a beer bottle that was thrown during the rapper’s show at Madison Square Garden in New York in August 2016.

Giovacco also cites the rap star and the other defendants for letting the venue become overcrowded.

She also claimed Madison Square Garden served excessive amounts of booze, and neglected to implement “monitoring and surveillance of the premises during the concert so as to prevent aggressive behavior from escalating.”

Amanda Giovacco insists she suffered severe personal injuries which stopped her from attending medical school.

The rapper is denying all wrongdoing and claims that Giovacco is accountable for her injuries, due to her conduct at the concert.

Furthermore, Drake said he was just a performing artist at Madison Square Garden, and that he does not control or operate the venue.

Drake wants all of the charges to be dismissed.