WATCH: Drake Explains Why He Fell In Love With “Top Boy”

In this interview, Drake talks about his love for Top Boy and why he wanted to own the popular series once it was canceled.

(AllHipHop News) Over the past several years, Drake has been expanding his media empire.

In addition to dropping hit albums like Scorpion, More Life, and Views, Drizzy has been venturing into the world of television through deals with HBO and Netflix.

His series “Euphoria” on HBO starring Zendaya is already receiving critical acclaim, and now he’s preparing to release the new season of “Top Boy.”

Drake acquired the rights to the UK television show in November of 2017 after it was dropped by the U.K.’s Channel 4 in 2013, after two seasons.

“I became attached to the characters, the story really drew me in and I think there’s so many parallels between Toronto and London – obviously we don’t have the same accent, but we speak the same a lot,” Drake explained.

The series, written by Ronan Bennett, followed the rise of local drug dealers Dushane and Sully, portrayed by actor Ashley Walters and U.K. rapper Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson.

It also starred Sharon Brewster Duncan as a single mom trying to keep her young son away from the perils of gang life.

The show was praised by critics for its authentic take on London street culture.

“It reminded me of people I grew up with, or guys that I know, and situations that I’ve witnessed, so I just really felt super connected right away, and then yeah, then it disappeared on me,” Drake said.

That’s when Drake, born Aubrey Graham, started a mission to own snag the worldwide rights to “Top Boy,” and reintroduce the series on a larger scale.

“I realized how much it meant to so many people…so next thing I knew we were sitting in a room with Netflix and here we are,” Drake said.

The new 10 episode season premiered last night on Netflix and picks up where the original show ended.