Drake Lets The Sacramento Kings Take His Jumbo Jet To India

Toronto rap star Drake gave the Sacramento Kings an assist by letting the team use his massive jet to fly to India.

(AllHipHop News) Drake has lent the Sacramento Kings basketball team his special jumbo jet for a pre-season trip to India.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise is going to the subcontinent to play two games later this week.

Despite being a fan of opposing team the Toronto Raptors, the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker has allowed the California team to rent his $200 million Boeing 767 jet, so they can fly to India in style.

However, not all the Kings’ players are thrilled to be traveling on the luxury jet, since it doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

Shooting guard Buddy Hield told ABC10’s Sean Cunningham that he would have to “download a bunch of movies” or play cards to get through the 20-hour flight to India.

He did acknowledge that the long trip without distractions could be great for team bonding.

Drake is best known in basketball circles for his dedication to his hometown Raptors team, for whom he acts as a global ambassador and was courtside when they won the NBA championship earlier this year.