Drake’s Custom Rolls Royce Is So Amazing It Is Being Showcased As Contemporary Art


One of the best cars in Drake’s $8 million collection of automobiles is his Rolls Royce Cullinan – which is being showcased at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami!

Drake’s luxury car, a customized 2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan Chrome Hearts, will be showcased at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami, Florida.

From May 1 and May 15, fans can go to see one of the cars from the “God’s Plan” $8 million car collection. This particular car was packaged by Mansory, custom-ly designed Chrome Hearts, and was featured in his new video for “What’s Next,” released in March 2021.

Also displayed in the video, according to Authoevolution.com, is a snow-drifting Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster, a private jet, and his very own Patek Philippe Nautilus by Virgil

The “What’s Next” video is a love letter to his hometown of Toronto and allows fans to see just how good the rapper’s life is.

But did fans need to see the video to know that the Champagne Papi is loaded? At 34, Drake is worth almost a quarter billion dollars.

Reports say that his house is 50,000 square feet. One of the mattresses (one of them) cost about $400K (it is a Grand Vividus, not Sealy). He has more entries in the Billboard Hot 100 than anybody in the history of the world (208).

In 2020, he was ranked the 25th highest-paid celebrity in the world. He has more Top 10 hits than The Beatles, Prince, and Michael Jackson. He also put up $100,000 for the winner of the Ultimate Rap League’s Ultimate Madness tournament on Caffeine.tv, as an incentive to inspire the most elite battle rappers in the culture to participate.

Let’s talk about this baller. If fans are interested in seeing the 2020 Cullinan by Mansory x Chrome Hearts they have to make an appointment with the Institute of Contemporary Art.

We are already signing up!