Draymond Green Criticizes Nicki Minaj For “No Frauds” & Constantly Name Dropping LeBron James


(AllHipHop News) Draymond Green has added his opinion to the ongoing discussion surrounding Remy Ma versus Nicki Minaj.

The Golden State Warriors player covered Hip Hop’s most recent feud on his Uninterrupted podcast with Marcus Thompson II.

Green focused on the fact that Nicki responded to Remy’s “ShETHER” and “Another One” with “No Frauds” which featured her Young Money partners Drake and Lil Wayne.

“I can’t really view it as a diss song. I can only view it as Nicki threw some shots in a song because you got Wayne on there, who I don’t even know what Wayne was talking about on there,” said Green. “Then you got Drake on there. They’re really just rapping. They ain’t dissing nobody. So to say this is a diss song… ‘ShETHER’ was a diss song.”

He added, “I feel like [Nicki] tried to use the level of her fans, Wayne’s fans, and Drake’s fans to boost the song up the chart. I feel like she was trying to use that as her diss.”

Green went on to say even if that was Nicki’s strategy she should not have put Drake and Wayne on the record because the Queens rapstress was just trying to take advantage of their followers.

“I ain’t really buying that,” said the NBA forward.

The Uninterrupted conversation included Green taking issue with Nicki constantly name dropping Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James.

“By the way, is Nicki Minaj gonna mention Bron in every song?” Green pondered. “Like, every song she has released since June 2016, there’s something about LeBron in it. I mean dang. LeBron is great but Jesus Christ. At some point, it just becomes too repetitive.”

Nicki has rapped about James on the recent songs “No Frauds,” “Don’t Hurt Me,” and “Swalla.”

The latter Minaj track also featured a line referencing Draymond Green hitting LeBron James in the groin during Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

Green did call Nicki a “really good artist” but sees Remy as more of a traditional rapper.

He also argued that Nicki took the safe route with “No Frauds” to protect her status as a mainstream performer.