E-40 Lands Three New Albums On The Chart; Consultant Offer Up The Keys To Rapper’s Phenomenal Success

E-40 Savage


(AllHipHop News) Rapper E-40 continues to flex his staying power with the release of his latest two albums, The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2. 

Both of 40’s alums have landed in the Top 20 of Billboard’s Indie and R&B/Hip-Hop Charts, as did the 44-track Deluxe Edition, which earned the rapper three different chart placements simultaneously.

“Having experienced what I have in my personal life and as a businessman, I can’t help but want to share knowledge through my music and lead by example,” said a humbled E-40. “If there’s one takeaway from watching my moves, it’s to follow your dreams and put 100% into everything you do. Life was never a cakewalk for me; I’ve had my ups and downs but I held on like a hubcap in the fast lane and now I can look back and be proud of what I’ve established and what I have become.”

Brian Shafton, the CEO and Founder of RBC Records, has been working as a consultant for E-40 and Sick Wid It Records since 2004.

Shafton explained how E-40’s business plan has remained steady over the course of his 30-year-career, releasing records through his indie imprint, Sic Wid It Records.

“For the past six years, 40 has done something no one else has ever done. He releases multiple albums (each of which is sold separately) on the same day. This genius move has allowed 40 to use one marketing budget to promote two, three, and sometimes even four albums. Each and every one of these titles is extremely viable as they all make noise on the Top 200 Chart. If you want to understand the indie rap game, make sure to follow E-40’s moves.”

The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2 and the 44-track Deluxe Edition are available at all outlets now.