E-40 Scolds Man For Mistaking Him For Fat Joe: “Do Your Homework!”


Forty Water clearly thinks it was the wrong way to get his attention.

In the era of TikTok and Instagram, content is king. A purported comedian who gets attention by misidentifying celebrities on camera might have just started an entire war with the Bay Area. On Saturday (July 6), a clip of E-40 walking through what looks like some kind of convention center started making the rounds. The perpetrator holding the camera says, “I knew that was you, bro. Fat Joe! Fat Joe, bro! You ain’t Fat Joe?”

E-40, looking thoroughly confused, replies, “No. You calling me Fat Joe? You a comedian. … You know that’s childish, right? Come on, man. When was you born? 2024? Get the f### outta here, man. That’s childish. Do your homework.” Forty Water then walks off as the comedian stays behind to explain what just happened to an onlooker.

Fat Joe hopped in the comment section of The Hip Hop Wolf’s Instagram account and wrote, “F### these clout chasers. E-40 a man of respect,” which elicited hundreds of likes.

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For the uninitiated, E-40 (real name Earl Stevens) hails from Vallejo, California. He initially gained fame as a member of The Click, which he formed with his cousin B-Legit and his siblings D-Shot and Suga-T.

E-40’s solo career took off with the release of his debut album Federal in 1993, and he continued to rise in popularity with subsequent albums such as In a Major Way (1995) and Tha Hall of Game (1996). Known for integrating his Bay Area slang into his rhymes, his innovative flow and business acumen, E-40 has been a pivotal figure in the Bay Area rap scene for decades and has released over 20 studio albums throughout his career.

Apart from his music career, E-40 is also recognized for his entrepreneurial ventures. He’s invested in various businesses, including a line of wines and spirits, and has been involved in several food-related enterprises. His influence extends beyond music; he’s appeared in films and television shows, further solidifying his status as a cultural icon. E-40’s longevity and adaptability in the music industry have made him a respected and enduring figure in Hip-Hop—just not to this comedian, apparently.

Watch the clip above.