A New Yorker Has Been Diagnosed With Ebola


Ebola has made its way to New York. A doctor who treated Ebola patients in Guinea with Doctors Without Borders returned to New York on Oct. 17th and tested positive for the virus on Thursday (Oct.23), CNN reports.

Dr. Craig Spencer, who works at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, began exhibiting symptoms like nausea, pain, fatigue and a 100.3 Fahrenheit degrees fever Thursday morning and is currently in isolation at Bellevue Hospital Center. Since being symptomatic, he has been in contact with his fiancee’ and two friends, who have been placed in quarantine and are being monitored. Before he began exhibiting symptoms, Dr. Spencer had went on a three-mile jog, visited a Brooklyn bowling alley and traveled on three subway trains. The people who were near Spencer during these times are at minimal risk for contracting the disease because it is not contagious until the patient feels symptoms, according to Dr. Mary Travis Bassett, New York City’s health commissioner.

Dr. Spencer’s Manhattan apartment has been isolated. He is the fourth person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S.