Eddie Murphy Hopes For Comedic Grandchild Through Martin Lawrence’s Daughter

Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence

Eddie Murphy expressed hopes for a funny grandchild with ties to both the Murphy and Martin Lawrence comedy legacies.

Eddie Murphy has expressed his hopes for his family’s future as his son Eric, dating Jasmin Page—the daughter of fellow comedian Martin Lawrence—could potentially expand the family tree.

The seasoned actor and comedian, now 63, shared his thoughts about the prospective grandchild during an interview on CBS Mornings, highlighting the intertwined legacies of two comedy icons.

“They’re both beautiful, they look amazing together,” Eddie Murphy said of the couple, emphasizing the excitement surrounding Eric’s relationship with Jasmin.

He humorously speculated on the possibility of a future grandchild inheriting comedic genes from both families.

“And it’s funny, everybody’s like, ‘What is that baby gonna be funny?’ Our gene pool is gonna make this funny baby,” Eddie Murphy joked.

Eddie Murphy, who has ten children and one grandchild, is no stranger to expanding family dynamics.

His lineage includes son Eric with former girlfriend Paulette McNeely, son Christian with ex-girlfriend Tamara Hood, daughters Bella, Zola, Shayne, and Bria, and son Myles with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

Additionally, he shares daughter Angel with Spice Girl Mel B and two children—son Max and daughter Izzy—with fiancée Paige Butcher.

In 2019, Murphy experienced the joys of grandparenthood for the first time when Myles welcomed a daughter, Evie Isla.

Now, he sees the potential for another grandchild, this time with intriguing connections to the comedic world.

Jasmin, daughter of Martin Lawrence and his ex-wife, producer Patricia Southall, has found herself in the spotlight with Eric, creating a media buzz around their relationship.

Murphy added, “If they ever get married and have a child, I am expecting the child to be funny.”