Eddie Murphy Says “Coming To America” Sequel Will Make His Daughter A Star

Eddie Murphy says he took four years to make the sequel to “Coming To America” and it will be worth the wait.

(AllHipHop News) Eddie Murphy can’t wait for fans to see his daughter in the “Coming To America” sequel, because he’s convinced she’s going to become a star.

Bella appears alongside her father in the film, which will be released next Christmas, and Murphy can’t stop gushing about her.

“She is playing one of my daughters in the movie; one of the African princesses,” he beams. “She’s got fight scenes and all this cool stuff to do. She’s a really good little actress and I’m really proud of her.”

Eddie reveals the idea for a sequel to the comedy classic came about after Tracy Morgan attempted to sell Murphy on an idea for a new film.

“There was talk about a play or a series but never a sequel,” he explains. “About seven years ago I got a Mark Twain award and Tracy was trying to do something about a guy who goes back to Africa to marry a girl just like I did in ‘Coming to America.’ Then I got a better idea and the guy who directed ‘Black Panther,’ Ryan Coogler, was interested and pitched a sequel. I thought, ‘Maybe I should try and get something together’.”

It took Murphy four years before he had something “that made sense and was funny… and not contrived” and he’s convinced he’s onto another winner: “It’s so f##king funny. We got most of the cast back and Wesley Snipes, Morgan Freeman and Tracy Morgan.”